Since early 2000 Peoplework has trained 1000’s of retail staff and sales teams from brand suppliers from the major outdoor businesses in the UK and Europe with our unique approach to training.
We have an in-depth knowledge of how customers walking into an outdoor store or a bike store behave, how they want to be approached, advised, guided through ranges and ultimately sold to. We call this ‘Active Retail Culture’. Customers need to feel relaxed and ‘comfortable’ in any retail environment.

ABout Bespoke trainingWe build you a bespoke learning programme
that is tailored to your technical retail or product
brand and is guaranteed to improve customer
engagement and boost long-term sales.

We do this through a real knowledge and understanding of what it takes to engage, listen and build product sales around the customers need and develop a rewarding brand experience.

At Peoplework, we recognise and understand that every member of the team is an individual, therefore we don’t give him or her a script or a set way of doing things, they don’t work.

Learn More About ARCWe build knowledge and confidence in your people and teach them about Active Retail Culture (ARC) and what your customers are looking for and allow the individuals to develop their own style within our guidelines.
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That’s why we are supported by the ‘Outdoor Industries Association’ and count on our client list some of the biggest global brands like The North Face, Blacks and George Fisher in outdoor and Five Ten and SealSkinz in the bike market.

Our Peoplework trainers have an in depth history and experience of the outdoor market and use this huge level knowledge and knowhow to first engage with your staff and secondly to build their confidence and skills in customer care and ultimately to sell more.

We don’t offer any ‘off the peg” training, so why not get
in touch to find out how we can develop your team and
give them ...

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